Born in the heart - TORONTO, CANADA

REHH, an acronym for "Rats Eating High Heels," stands as more than a mere clothing lifestyle brand; it embodies a philosophy born in the heart of Toronto, Canada, the very birthplace of our visionary founders. This city's diverse energy and creative pulse infuse our identity, shaping our narrative. Our message is a harmonious chord struck from the depths of our founders' beliefs, a resonance that resounds through every fabric and stitch.

From a humble inception, REHH remains steadfast in its dedication to authenticity. Our journey began with an unwavering commitment to staying true to our roots, to never lose sight of the essence of who we are. This ethos pays homage to those individuals who have nurtured us, guiding our growth and fostering the creation of an extended family. The bonds we've forged reach far beyond mere blood ties, encapsulating a shared humanity that unites us all in the grand tapestry of existence, amidst the whirlwind of life's myriad experiences.

At REHH, we stand as a collective, not as individual stars. Our mantra, "Servants, Not Superstars," encapsulates our approach to life. We believe in serving the greater good, in being part of something larger than ourselves. In a world often defined by individual accolades, we find strength in unity and humility. Our garments echo this sentiment, not just adorning bodies but also reflecting the values and aspirations that thread us all together.


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